Control and secure an increasingly essential service for students.


This is how Octopus Platform helps the education sector

Conectividad y marketing

Connectivity and Security

Access control: Integration with Google G Suite and Office 365 accounts in the validation process. In order to simplify access for students in educational centers.

Wifi Sponsor and vouchers: For sporadic guests, possibility of obtaining sponsored access through any employee. Or there is the possibility of generating personalized credentials through the Octopus platform.

Octopus Platform not only controls customer access, but also IoT devices deployed by schools. There is also a double authentication factor, with customizable PSK keys per device.

Automatic authentication: Getting a better experience and automatic validation through MAC Caching.

Parental control, resulting in filtering of undesirable or malicious content.



Management of access policies and privileges, depending on the profile of the user accessing the network.

Full visibility and connection logs of all elements connected on the network.

Legal guarantee: In case of request for traceability of connections by state security bodies, under judicial requirement, use personalized consultations for this purpose. You can also save the history of consents to the use of personal data of customers.

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