Nowadays it is essential to have a secure and efficient WiFi connectivity service for users. In addition, it helps improve the shopping experience and boost visitor loyalty.

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This is how Octopus Platform helps the Retail sector

Conectividad y marketing


Personalized captive portal adapted to your brand, with the possibility of social login to interact with other online tools, such as social networks and website.

Option to login and register through user accounts, either on the Octopus Platform database or external loyalty clubs / CRMs.

Label the WiFi as friendly with content filtering, preventing customers from accessing unwanted and malicious content.

Possibility of automatic connection reminder every time we go to some of the organization’s premises, with the possibility of login.

Octopus Platform not only controls the access of customers, but also of the IoT devices deployed by the shopping center.

Conectividad y marketing


Lead generation source: Thanks to the captive portal it is possible to automatically collect customer information.

Interaction with the customer through various channels: Possibility of sending promotions and announcements by different criteria of activation, welcome, loyalty, marked dates, etc.

Satisfaction surveys to obtain evaluations of the services and therefore improve the customer experience.

Possibility of integrations with business management tools such as CRM, localization tools, Business Intelligence, …



Multisite management: Unified and global administration, with the possibility of differentiating by different groups associated with brands, territories, categories, …

Flexible access permissions to the platform, being able to configure access for each profile: Managers, Technical Services, Marketing, …

Legal guarantee: In case of request for traceability of connections under judicial requirement, use personalized consultations for this purpose. Also save the history of consents to the use of personal data of customers.

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