Octopus platform facilitates access to the network in the reopening of educational and work centers

With the new scenario caused by the COVID-19 virus, it has become essential, in education centers and companies, to contract productivity, mobility and collaboration software such as Office 365 and Google G Suite.

Therefore Octopus Wifi, allows integration with both tools during the validation process in Wifi networks, simplifying “in the new normality” the access for students in educational centers and for employees in workplaces.

Integration Advantages

  • Solving access problems to the Wifi network for students, in the case of education centers, and personal devices of employees in workplaces.
  • Have an access control to the network, without having to duplicate user accounts
  • Compatible with the rest of the access methods of the Octopus Wifi platform, which allows to differentiate accesses of associated users and guests in the same network and to be able to establish different connection privileges.
  • Compatible with the MAC caching functionality, so that once the on-boarding process is completed, the connection is automatic.
  • Compliance with data conservation regulations. identifying who and when connects to the network in case of irregularities or requests for information by state security forces or bodies

Of course, this functionality combines all the segmentation potential that Octopus Wifi allows, the possibility of several WLANs, monitoring and service analysis, etc.

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