Currently digital inclusion is a priority, cities seek to become Smartcities by offering digital services and knowing the behavior of citizens.


This is how octopus platform helps Smartcities

Conectividad y marketing

Connectivity and Security

New connectivity service in the town or city for citizens and tourists, as well as a claim to promote the use of public places.

User account management with the possibility of self-registration with confirmation, to guarantee the identity of the users.

Possibility of integration with a citizen database.

Connectivity management of IoT devices deployed by the town or city.

Content filtering, preventing customers from accessing unwanted and malicious content.

Conectividad y marketing


Feed the information of citizens and obtain information from tourists or visitors.

New digital communication channel with citizens.

Interaction with citizens, with the possibility of automating the sending of announcements and news from the town or city.

Satisfaction surveys to rate public services.



Independently manage different locations such as libraries, cultural centers, parks and squares, etc. Having autonomous or aggregated statistics.

Flexible platform access permissions, being able to configure access for different public employees.

Full visibility and connection logs of all elements connected on the network.

Legal guarantee: In case of request for traceability of connections under judicial requirement, use personalized consultations for this purpose. Also save the history of consents to the use of personal data of customers.

WIFI4EU: Compliance with portal requirements and grant agreement. (Enter the blog and read our related new).