Commitment Statement


Blue Octopus Wifi SL (hereinafter, OCTOPUS) develops and operates a cloud omnichannel connectivity platform that adds value to telecommunications infrastructures, providing WiFi networks with differential digitalization functionalities, such as connectivity and automated marketing. The Octopus platform generates a WiFi Hotspot that controls and manages user access to public and private networks in an automated manner.

OCTOPUS management, aware of the importance of cybersecurity, has established the organization, processes, tools and controls to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and traceability of information, as well as the availability of services. that are provided to clients, in accordance with international standards, with the following objectives:

Raise awareness and train staff in information security and privacy.
Assess and address information security and privacy risks.
Prevent and respond effectively to information security and privacy events or incidents.
Guarantee the continuity of business operations.
Proactively comply with personal data protection, intellectual and industrial property legislation and any other applicable law.
Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of information security and privacy processes and controls.
Continuously improve information security and privacy management.

The OCTOPUS Management, consequently, with all of the above, is committed to the allocation of human and material resources, necessary and proportionate to achieve the above objectives.

Supervision of information security is assumed by the OCTOPUS Management, delegating to the Head of Information Security the powers for the implementation and certification of an information security and privacy management system (SGSPI), with the support of your entire human team.

Blue Octopus Wifi SL