Hospitality in recent times has had to adapt to a new way of communicating with the guest, with the need to offer secure and personalized communication experiences.

Here’s how the Octopus Wifi Platform helps you


  • Guest Wifi is customizable and secure: with a 100% customizable captive portal, having full control of the connections.
  • The Octopus Wifi Platform, not only controls access for guests, but also for employees andIoTdevicesdeployed by the hotel.
  • It offers the best user experience. With an automatic connection reminder during the time of stay within the hotel or at the group level.
  • PMS integration: the platform integrates with any hotel’s PMS system, offering self-service connectivity and a personalized experience.
  • Allows connecting events: access management of speakers and guests, being able to configure a captive portal with the look & feel of the client and establishing privileges to users and technical means that require a connection.

Communication with the guest

  • Capture customer data: thanks to the captive portal, it is possible to automatically collect additional customer information. It allows obtaining new contacts from escorts and visitors.
  • Generate user profiles and get to know your customers better. Thanks to the information captured about your stays, total visits or campaigns received.
  • Ability to improve reputation and services with satisfaction surveys and binding actions. Know the valuation of the hotel services based on satisfaction and avoid negative reviews improving the online reputation.
  • Create relationships with your customer: automate campaigns through different channels to launch promotions, advertisements, requests for ratings, thank you, etc.
  • Increase your direct bookings in the hospitality sector, with marketing actions without intermediaries.
  • Manage hotel stay information dynamically and multilingually with QR codes.


  • Unified administration of hotel chains: with the possibility of differentiating by brands or hotel groupings. Allows for global comparisons and analysis.
  • Network segmentation: differentiate areas within the hotel (rooms, restaurants and cafeterias, common areas, conference rooms) with different portal and access designs.
  • Flexible access permissions to the platform, being able to configure access for each hotel or chain profile: Receptionists, Technical Services, IT managers, Marketing, Global Managers, …
  • Legal guarantee: in case of a request for traceability of connections under court order, use customized queries for this purpose.
  • It also keeps the history of the different consents for the use of customers’ personal data.


Octopus Wifi is a software development and services company that specializes in delivering value over wifi networks. Our vocation to always offer the best service, our strong commitment, and valuable experience allow us to help our clients create value for their companies and customers.


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