Octopus AIConnect

Smart AI-driven WiFi Engagement, Loyalty, and Ordering Platform

Transform Your WiFi into a Revenue-Generating Powerhouse

OCTOPUS AI CONNECT not only enhances customer engagement and loyalty but also revolutionizes your ordering system. With advanced AI virtual agents, businesses can streamline operations, boost sales, and significantly reduce labor costs, setting a new standard for service and efficiency.

Impactful Results


Boost in Same-Store Sales

Watch your revenue soar as our platform optimizes every customer interaction for upselling and repeat business.


Increase in Average Ticket Size

Leverage personalized offers and efficient ordering to raise the value of every transaction.

Hours of Labor Saved Per Month

Our AI virtual agents handle orders and inquiries, freeing your staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Features of Octopus AI Connect

Digital Menu & AI Ordering

Present guests with an AI-curated digital menu the moment they connect. Our AI virtual agents facilitate seamless order placement, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

Voice-Activated Orders

Extend AI ordering convenience with voice activation. Our platform seamlessly takes orders over the phone, through the drive-thru, and via mobile, ensuring you never miss a beat—even during peak hours.

Loyalty and Rewards

Automatically enroll guests in loyalty programs, offering redeemable points and exclusive discounts that incentivize return visits and foster brand loyalty.

Location-based Offers

Deploy smart, location-specific offers to upsell services effectively and re-engage lost customers directly from your WiFi network.

Social Media Amplification

Direct guests to your social pages and special offers, expanding your digital footprint and engaging customers online.

Why Octopus AI Connect?

Maximize Efficiency & Service

Slash manual labor dependency with error-free AI assistants, ensuring top service quality around the clock.

Boost Revenue & Upselling

Drive significant bottom-line growth through smart upselling and precisely targeted marketing offers.

Leverage Data for Impact

Utilize insightful analytics to understand and act on customer behaviors, preferences, and trends, optimizing your offerings.

Personalize Guest Experiences

Charm and retain guests with personalized services that enhance satisfaction and encourage repeat visits.

Automate Loyalty & Engagement

Effortlessly enroll guests in loyalty programs and distribute rewards, fostering deep, lasting customer relationships.

Future-Proof Your Operations

Stay ahead with a scalable, innovative platform that meets evolving demands, enhancing customer engagement & revenue.


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