News approachs for your Wifi solution: The power of data

Octopus Wifi is a manufacturer of market leading SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions designed to provide Wifi access in any business scenario. These are offered to comply with all the legal requirements required by the RGPD for the processing of personal data, and are integrated with the main manufacturers of WLAN solutions in the industry, available through different licensing levels.

These are robust, scalable and secure solutions through which all the Wi-Fi networks of an organization can be managed from the same cloud environment, which greatly simplifies multi-environment and multi-device management.

Flexible and highly customizable Wi-Fi solutions

Through our Optopus Platform we offer an advanced system for managing user permissions and hierarchies, and through our captive portal we can offer up to 12 available access methods, including the main social networks, form, ticket, SMS, App, Sponsor, user accounts, MAC entries and corporate accounts. In addition to the one based on the simple acceptance of access conditions.

We also include different payment gateways in case it is necessary to activate them when the Wi-Fi service is not offered to users for free.

Through our captive portal and through a simple editor, it can be adjusted to the aesthetics and brand image of the business to be offered as a service to customers.

And when enough historical data of user connections is available, we enter the world of analytics and the power of data: our platform has an analytics tool that includes powerful usage reports through dynamic dashboards, marketing options and advanced analytics.

The service and support that the company needs

At Optopus Wifi we are able to offer highly specialized support and consulting services in order to define the best Wifi solution that each business needs, both for guests and employees.

At Octopus Wifi we also have an expert and increasingly extensive network of partners that provide us with the capillarity and proximity that are needed to serve our growing network of clients.

What characterizes our Wi-Fi connectivity solutions is their flexibility and modularity, and to meet the needs of each business scenario, we offer our customers different products aimed at various scenarios.

  • Octopus Guest: our gateway. It is the basic module, from which we can design and control access, use the network as a marketing and communication tool with customers and users, analyze the data generated by users, integrate the network with other systems and applications, limit access to certain content and malware, while complying with applicable regulations.
    Three optional modules can be added to this basic module depending on what is needed to provide the best user experience.
  • Octopus Enterprise: improving team productivity. To give access to the organization’s Wi-Fi to any user with professional email accounts (Microsoft, Google, etc), from any location and on any of the Wi-Fi networks in which they are registered. It also directly identifies users through the MAC ID of their devices, avoiding having to log in each time they access.
    It allows assigning different administration roles for the management of Wi-Fi networks, to different people in the organization according to their responsibilities. And the database can be exported and integrated into the business’s own systems.
  • Octopus Marketing: increase sales and retain customers. Module designed to launch marketing campaigns based on registered users or third party databases. Through surveys you can obtain the opinion and preferences of both customers and users. And all the information collected can be exported to other management systems such as CRMs, ERPs, PMOs, etc. to enrich corporate databases, get to know users better and align communication and demand generation strategies.
  • Octopus Content Filtering: controlling content. Aimed at limiting access to unwanted content and software, this module allows you to configure it easily and to measure through more than 50 predefined categories and with maximum security and quality. It offers statistics by categories of the websites visited with which to determine the topics and areas of interest of both customers and users.

Continuous improvement policy

At Octopus Wifi we are continuously improving our products. We mention as the most recent the new API Wifi 2.0 version (service that connects the business with Octopus) that allows greater control of the analysis functionalities. The data can be transferred to the corporate CRM in order to create more detailed reports and unify the database.

In the marketing module we incorporate the creation of Mail and SMS campaigns, with a preset activation date or manually from the interface. And in the Enterprise we have incorporated manual user authorization, registration by ID or telephone number, or the new Access Method for Corporate Accounts, which allows and facilitates customer registration in the portal with their corporate Google Suite account or Microsoft Azure.

If you want to know more about our Wi-Fi solutions, you can contact us without any commitment. We are sure that with us you will find the best option for your business.


Octopus Wifi is a software development and services company that specializes in delivering value over wifi networks. Our vocation to always offer the best service, our strong commitment, and valuable experience allow us to help our clients create value for their companies and customers.


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