Secure your growth by offering your customers the Wifi solutions of the future

Our new Octopus AHEAD Partners program is now underway with two clear objectives: growth and profitability.

Under the slogan “Join the Wi-Fi of the Future” we propose to our partners to make the most of data through solutions and services within the Wi-Fi access control and Data Analytics market.

The current mobile phone data plans (even with unlimited GB) have meant that many users do not need Wi-Fi networks to stay connected, but the coverage is not always as desired. And if our target audience is from abroad, data roaming is usually quite limited. For all these reasons, the Wi-Fi solutions business continues to have a powerful market to serve. And from Octopus we want precisely to enhance the growth and profitability of our partners, through clearly differentiating solutions supported by the best available channel services.

Optimize the customer experience

For the reasons stated above, Wi-Fi access continues to be in demand as an additional service in all types of businesses, among which we could highlight the retail, hospitality or restaurant sectors, and today it is not enough to provide safe and quality internet access.

The customer experience must go much further, and for this it is necessary to collect data that precisely help us to personalize those experiences. Managing the connectivity of both users and devices with powerful management platforms, as well as automated marketing tools. We must not forget either the mandatory compliance with the legal requirements of the data protection regulations imposed by the European RGPD that came into force a few years ago.

But the concept of “client” is broader than that of the occasional user of our Wi-Fi networks. The employee experience is no less important. For all these reasons, with our Octopus Wifi platform we offer companies powerful personalized connectivity solutions, and we highlight three main areas of action:

  • OCTOPUS MARKETING, with which to boost sales, knowing and retaining customers.
  • OCTOPUS ENTERPRISE, to improve team productivity, efficiently managing Wi-Fi network groups from different work centers.
  • CONTENT FILTERING, to control the content that can be accessed from Wi-Fi networks.

All this thanks to our platform with Multi System and Multi Device coverage.

The channel needs differentiation and specialization

Beyond providing adequate connectivity through a customized project that meets the needs of reliable and secure data coverage, differentiation must focus on other areas and at Octopus we are clear that they are access control and Data Analytics.

To support the channel we have designed an exclusive range of resources to train sales and technical teams, equipping them with advanced tools and capabilities, with extensive training and certification opportunities.

In the commercial area, we provide support in all phases of the sale, from the joint creation of marketing plans and Go to Market campaigns, the evaluation of opportunities in the pre-sale phase, the provision of demos and trial versions, the implementation and the after-sales service.

And all this under 360° support that includes architecture and configurations, coverage of operations and orders, allocation of expert support, as well as funds and incentives. And of course 24×7 technical support hours.

All this has been possible thanks to a dedicated team with which we promote flexibility and collaboration with our channel.

Now you just have to meet him. If you want to see your business grow, contact us and choose your level of commitment, with greater benefits as you advance in each level of the Octopus AHEAD program.

Your growth will also be ours. We will wait for you!


Octopus Wifi is a software development and services company that specializes in delivering value over wifi networks. Our vocation to always offer the best service, our strong commitment, and valuable experience allow us to help our clients create value for their companies and customers.


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