Build customer loyalty with a better understanding of their Wifi digital experience.

There is no doubt that Wi-Fi solutions are of great interest to many organizations, regardless of their sector and size. And in many cases not only interesting, but even essential due to its strong link with the customer experience.

And we are not only referring to the benefits they bring to users in terms of Internet connectivity, but also to the provision of highly valuable information to be able to serve and profile them.

This is the case, for example, of the Hospitality sector, in which a greater knowledge of customers allows their segmentation and totally personalized attention.

The hospitality sector encompasses a broad category of organizations within the service industry from accommodation and food and beverage service to theme parks, event planning, travel and general tourism. Therefore including hotels, campsites, resorts, tourism agencies, restaurants and bars.

Beyond a reliable, secure and quality connection

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network of an establishment linked to the hospitality industry, what you expect from it is that it be reliable, secure and of quality. That in a simple way can be enabled in our device from our incorporation to the venue until the exit. And if it is offered for free, all the better.

But beyond the importance of the hardware layer that supports the connection in a sustained manner as we move through the various spaces of the venue, the software that supports the connection must be able to adequately manage each connected device regardless of its format (Laptop, Tablet, smartphone) or manufacturer (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, if we stick to the most common operating systems).

The customer’s digital experience begins when they log in to the establishment’s captive portal, and from that very moment, a multitude of valuable information is generated that can and should be used by the business. Without prejudice to fully respecting the European RGPD that protects the data of citizens.

And we refer specifically to the digital experience of customers, beyond the customer experience that can be provided in many other physical aspects linked to their stay, regardless of its duration. Customers are becoming more digital, and it is something that has been greatly accelerated in the wake of the pandemic.

Making the most of the power of data

Fortunately, our Octopus Wifi solutions can obtain great value from the data, not only by recording details during the connection of the devices, but also thanks to the Data Analytics tools included in the management platform. Additionally, it can be integrated with the ERP and CRM solutions of the business, thus expanding its capabilities when it comes to improving customer knowledge and optimizing marketing initiatives thanks to our Octopus Marketing module.

Thanks to our platform we will be able to know where and when customers use each space, offering them segmented information in a consistent manner. Even at the level of operating costs, we can take advantage of this information by optimizing air conditioning or cleaning schedules for each venue, or for its rooms if it were accommodation services.

The enormous value of forms and surveys

Surveys, duly carried out, can be an invaluable source of information to provide the best customer service, both during their stay and when they leave our business. As a source of learning in continuous improvement processes.

In the same admission process, in the captive portal form we can add certain questions that can later determine what information to provide to the client (age, sex, interests…), both about facilities, or own activities or those of third parties that they can take advantage of during their stay. stay. In such a way that they can make informed decisions, providing them with exclusive online content fully aligned with their preferences.

In addition to being able to filter the content that they access in their web browsing (if we add our Octopus Filtering module), avoiding not only the dangers of an open web that can give way to malware, but also collaborating with parental control of content when minors access to our Wi-Fi network.

At Octopus Wifi we have extensive experience in the implementation of Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for the Hospitality sector, and we are sure that we can contribute to increasing the satisfaction of your business customers. Contact us without commitment.


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